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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 5, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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dick morris will be here with analysis of all the latest 2012 analysis, including the departure of herman cain from the republican presidential race. first we bring you my exclusive interview with the one and only donald trump . his new book is called "time to get tough, making america number one again." good. >> good to see you. >> thank you, good to see you. >> congratulations tonight book. >> it's doing very well. >> people are leaning up getting ready tore friday. >> i'm signing at 2:00 at trump tower we are signing books so that will be great. >> everybody is seeking donald drum endorsement. today is newt gingrich's day. you will spend time with him. what are your thoughts with him prior to him coming in today?
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>> i spent time with many of them. and i spoke with santorum, all of them. a lot of good people. they are in there trying and they are in there pitching, they want to do something. newt has come up today. i've known him through the years and i've always liked him. he's really shown he's a rocket chip. i've never seen anything like this where he started so negatively. i thought the press was very unfair, what he said, and all of a sudden they took words and made it like a big word. and nobody would have said he could have recovered. not so much from that, but generally. >> they had written him off. >> they had totally written him off and he's a rocket and what he's done is amazing and i take my hat off to him. >> you are going to work with news max and host a debate, and it's created some controversy here. the media doesn't like it. they are attacking you for it. >> i can understand that. you know my ratings, i get great
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ratings. >> listen, we will put on fox. >> you have to be there. >> i'll be there for that. >> that's good. >> and you are doing it with news max. ron paul said it's beneath the office of the presidency. he doesn't understand your success. you don't like to be challenged on issues. that was his reaction. >> i don't know what he means by that. i am challenged all the time and i respond. ron paul has zero chance, zero, of getting elected or getting the nomination. he will do okay in iowa and after iowa he will fade into oblivion. ron paul, frankly that some of these people aren't there, huntsman is another one. he called my office and wanted a meeting. i didn't give it to him. maybe i should have. but he wanted to come up and see me. and then i see him in a debate and he says unlike you people, i didn't go see donald trump. he's a mormon, so i'm sure he wouldn't lie about it. but all these people, the two people we are talking about, i'm glad they aren't going to be there because then i can sort of focus on people that really have
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a chance of winning. and you have some very good people and people are going to be at that debate. i'll tell you, it will get great ratings. >> you are missing one person in your invite list. >> go ahead. >> barack obama. >> well, look, i wish he were a great president. i'm a republican but i would love to see a great president, democrat, republican, independent, anything. i wish we had a great president. and as i said to you before, i really thought -- when he got elected, goat elected. now you say okay, we have a man. i thought he was going to be a positive person. i really thought he was going to be a cheerleader, a great cheerleader for the country. that was the one thing i saw. i thought he would be a cheerleader for the country and he's really turned out to be a negative force, a very, very negative force with class warfare and everything else that's going on. and i'm really surprised and disappointed at. >> tat what do you make of the evolution of the polls? we talked about newt skyrocketing. why do you think he's skyrocketing and why do you think romney has been fairly steady?
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>> he's been steady, and it's surprise to go me that mitt doesn't pick up something. there are a lot of votes out there and they seem to be going to newt, and mitt isn't getting the kind of tracks. it amazes me -- a couple of things. it amazes me that newt has done so well so quickly and i have great respect for them. and i have great respect for him. but what he's done is sort of unprecedented. and it amazes me that, frankly, mitt romney hasn't sort of gotten that momentum. i mean, he's been steady in a sense, but you have to be more than steady. >> what do you think it is? look, i think both of them have performed well in the debates. >> both are really good at the debates. >> but newt probably did a little better. >> well, i think they were both really good at the debates. romney was great and newt was great. two stars, in a sense. although michele bachmann did very well and so did santorum. and then you had a couple that didn't do so well.
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do we agree? we like them a lot but they didn't do so well. and actually rick perry told me it's just not his thing. had you are with rick perry, good guy, solid guy. i said to him once, he was with me and he was giving me something and i said why can't you act that way during the debates? he said the debates just aren't my thing. but i would agree newt and mitt did very well. what did you think of christie's comments, what the hell are we paying you for? >> i thought they were true. the committee was a disgrace. that it was formed was the most disgraceful thing. you are supposed to be the leader and get them in a room and make a deal, not just form a committee that can't make a deal. but i thought his comments were great. >> and chris christie said my kids are going to be fine, whether america succeeds or not. that's a shocking statement. >> and that's like you saying i hope my kids succeed. i'm not worried about the rest of the world. >> the country is in such
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trouble. if we have another four years with the kind of things we are going through, it will be very, very hard for this country to come back, sean. >> you said in your book that we have four to eight years or else america can't recover, you say. >> well, the word "can't" is too tough, but it will take a very, very long time for us. obamacare is a disaster. i have friends that are closing up businesses because they aren't going to be able to afford obamacare. these are people who have been in business for 40 years. have nice, middle size and even small businesses. they are closing up their business. i can tell you there are big companies where these aren't going to close, but they cannot believe the kind of cost that is being, you know, handled by. their accounting people are coming and saying we had no idea this was going to be happening and they are going to be changing your numbers for next year and the year after. they can believe what's going on with obamacare. >> do you think herman cain was treated unfair? there's been no prove -- proof
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of the allegations. i would think the most recent one is he'sly proven false. there are hotel receipts, plane ticket receipts, videos of them or not. do you think he was treated unfairly? >> it was a tough thing for him. they were coming out of the woodwork. frankly, i guess based on that john kennedy should not have been president, right? even when you get in the race, though, donald trump is racist, they immediately went for the juggler. >> they always do. you ask about somebody's record in school, how did he get into harvard, columbia, i thought he was a bad student here so how did he get into her or there, you are a racist. i didn't even know what they were talking about because i'm probably the least racist person there is. and actually some of my friends said very strongly, the least. so you ask a question like that or you ask about a birth certificate, how come there are no records that his mother was of in the hospital? he's a racist. excuse me? could you please explain that to
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me? so they play the race card better than anybody i have known since don king, who i happen to love, but he plays the race card. he played it for many years, and he will admit it. but they played the race card like nobody has of played it. >> coming up, much more with donald trump. he will lay out some of his bold proposals from his brand new book and tell us about a controversial chapter called take the oil. and in a hannity exclusive, inside donald trump 's office where he sat down with republican presidential candidate, newt gingrich.
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>> welcome back to "hannity." earlier i sat down with businessman and media eye done donald trump at his office necessary new york city. we continue with the interview. >> the name of your book is "time to get tough, making america number one again i. >> right. >> you say in there the country is in a total economic disaster. $15 trillion in debt. you used a couple of analogies. you said it would take one billion dollars if we saved it every single day and it would take 30 years to pay back the $15 trillion. it's not going to happen. >> here's the thing. if we had people who were intelligent or people who knew what they were doing, let's take libya. just as an example. the rep else's six months ago were being routed. you saw that gaddafi, he was tough. even at the end his people stuck with him, the few people that were left. but they all died.
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okay. so they had certain loyalty to this guy. they were routing the rebels, routing. so the rebels come to us because we are essentially nato, and they say we are being routed, we can't go on any longer, it's over. would you help us? if obama said we will help you, we want 50% of your oil, and we will help you, i don't mean for one year, i mean we want 50%, they would have said you have a deal, absolutely you have a deal, done, over. sign right here. and if we help, 50%. okay. now, we then send the most sophisticated missiles of made, and wherever you have gaddafi's people, boom, boom, boom, just beat the hell out of them and then the rebels brilliantly walk in and take over the town, take over the city, they kept doing it. after doing that to about 30 cities, the rebels won the war. they won. whoever the rebels are. i hear a lot of them come from
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iran, by the way. >> they want sharia now. >> and i hear bad things about the rebels. they aren't good people , but let's see what happens. so we could have had 50% of the oil of libya, which by the way, we don't get oil from libya, china does. so why isn't china doing it? we spend billions of dollars and we get nothing. if six months ago we said we want 50% of your oil, they would have said absolutely. if we walk in now and said we want 50%, because they already have the local dictator. he will have his palaces all over the place, and et cetera, et cetera. all we need is the thinking. we have a country with such potential. some somebody said we going to help but we want 50% of your oil, they would have said instantaneously, absolutely you have a deal. no choice. now they wouldn't say it. >> you have a whole chapter, take the oil. and i always thought this was a good idea. if we are going to liberate
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kuwait, if we are going to liberate iraq, we are going to lose american servicemen and women, at least compensate their families, but they ought to pay the price for their freedom and liberation. to me that's a no-brainer. we should have done that. >> it's the most incredible thing and i talk about it in my book. >> it's a good concept. >> iraq. they have the second largest oil fields in the world. we liberate iraq. we got thrown out there, if you have any doubt. they wanted to stay longer and they said you are out. get out. now they are talking about leaving. the fact is iran, as sure as you are sitting there. iran soon, when we are out, will take over iraq. and they are going to take them over because of the oil fields. and i said if that's going to happen, we should take over the oil fields. ice easy to do. >> the old days you win a war, to the victor. but we are so stupid, when we won a war, if you call it a win,
9:16 pm
we get nothing. we spent 1.5 trillion in iraq. at least we should say give us the 1.5 trillion back. i say more but give us the 1.5 trillion. >> and maybe compensate families who lost loved ones. >> i take it in the book. every family, $5 million. every family that lost a son or dollar, $5 million. every person that was injured or wounded, and i see them all the time, i see them at events because i give a lot of money to charities. >> i did this weekend. >> some great stuff. but these people, no legs, no arms, their face. i mean, millions of dollars. now sounds like a lot, right? peanuts compared to the kind of value that you have. >> i met a guy this weekend, lost two legs and an arm. another guy lost a leg. another guy literally shrapnel here all over his face. >> and you know what they get? they don't get anything. they won't even be able to survive.
9:17 pm
to those soldiers, two, three, four million dollars. people say that's a lot of money but it's peanuts. you are talking about the kind of money, the kind of wealth. you are talking about almost said yeah arabia kind of wealth. iraq has the second largest oil fields in the world. >> we have the largest if we would of tap into it. >> the funny thing i talked about taking libya. you would have gotten it from libya and you could still get it from iraq. and absolutely you could have, but honestly you don't even need it. sean, we have so much under the ground and now people are realizing how much we have under our ground. >> you talk about china is in the our friend. you say pakistan is not our friend and iran is obviously not our friend, russia is not our friend. you have seven principles that you have on foreign policy. one is no apology. maximum prepareness and firepower f you goes to war, you go to war to win. you laid out the principles.
9:18 pm
we aren't following a lot of them and we are apologizing for american power right now >> we do apologize. >> this president apologizes. >> if we win, and this is including bush, but it is funny, when we went to iraq originally, smart people said we are going for the oil. you remember that. we are going for the oil. and i said, okay, that's smart. but we weren't going for the oil. i never understood. what are we doing there? because that country is in turmoil. that country will be taken over. definitely by iran. and in the fairly near future. i'm saying what have we done? you talk about the soldiers. dead, wounded, unbelievable young people. what are they going to get except they are going to have a life of doctors and bills that they can't afford. millions of dollars should be given to each soldier's family that died and millions of dollars for eversoleder that was badly wounded. millions. >> and coming up, more of my interview with donald trump. find out if the door is still
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>> welcome back to "hannity." still ahead, dick morris will join me with reaction to the 2012 news. first we bring you the conclusion of my interview with the author of "time to get tough." the one and only, donald trump. >> you in your book talk about a lot of things financially. it's your money, you should keep more of it. you talk about a government you can afford. here's the problem. we can't cut $1.2 trillion in a super committee. >> unbelievable. >> 1.2 trillion. that's only a reduction of the rate of increase. every year deposit is going to spend 8% more. do you spend 8% more every year? >> when times are bad you just cut back. >> you cut back. >> yeah. >> okay. so we are going to increase government spending 8%. they cut 1% and say it's a cut. not only is it a cut, we are going to throw grandma over the ledge. >> and we should be cutting four or five trillion dollars. and not necessarily devastating social security or medicare
9:24 pm
because i'm a little different than some of the republicans and some of the democrats. the good economy, the strength -- part of my book is tax china. don't tax us. tax china for the privilege of them selling their crap in this country, tax china. you are giving them the privilege. one of the things i did, because nobody really know, i'm a private person, i have a private company, i have a financial disclosure form and it was fully filled out. it was 79 or 80 pages, a very long form, and i took the summary sheets and put them in the book. >> why? you are worth a lot of company. >> i am, and i built a great company. now we will say wow, wow. it's over $7 billion. but like this country should have. and i'm very proud of the job i have done, and so i actually put that in the peak. a little different but i actually put my financial disclosure form in the book. >> you are going to endorse very
9:25 pm
soon? >> sometime after the debate. debate is on the 27th and after the debate i'm going to endorse somebody and i would like to see that somebody be great and win. >> are you leaning toward one person? >> you know, i don't want to even say that now. probably and possibly the answer is yes, but i don't sort of want to say. >> that you can change your mind. >> i can change my mind. even if i am, i can absolutely. one of the things i talked about, romney changes his mind, or newt, but the fact is people change their mind. people who don't change their mind, they are relegated to the trash can because it doesn't work. you have to go with the punches. >> have you decided affirmatively that you are out, you are not going to get in? >> no. >> do you think it's come town to newt versus romney? >> it would certainly seem that way. and i like some of the other people running. it would seem that way, we saw what happened with newt, how fast it can change. three weeks ago newt was not doing that well. >> what would cause you to determine to get in as an
9:26 pm
independent? then we are back. >> i know your stance on that very strongly. >> you will split the obama vote? >> but i think we are at a time the republicans are hated, the democrats are hated. there's a huge independent force out there that is actually bigger than both parties in my opinion. and ross perot caused bush the election, no question about it. he took a lot of votes away from bush. think you have a great force of people out there that are tired of republicans and democrats, tired of committees, tired of incompetence, tired of stupidity, tired of a president that is not a very smart person, in my opinion. >> what would cause you to get in? >> if the republicans pick the wrong candidate, and i hope they don't. if they pick a candidate that can't win, and if the economy continues to be bad, which i think it will because we have incompetent leadership. >> if it's newt versus romney, which you said it appears like it's going to be, could you find yourself supporting either one
9:27 pm
of those? >> i don't want to say, but i want to say i do respect both of them. >> you do? so you would be less likely if one of them got it? >> i respect both of them. >> if you say that, that means you like both of them. >> i respect both of them. >> because you are pretty outspoken. >> i don't want to play games. i respect both. >> if rosie were in -- >> then i would run, ooh, i would run. >> i would pay to see that one. that would be pretty good. the bottom line, you talk a lot, you want to remind obama in this book, i find this fascinating, this is a capitalist country. what does it mean when you have to remind the president of the united states this is a capitalist country? >> it's the wrong message. someone said is he doing it on purpose or do you think it's just happening? i think it's just happening. i don't think he's doing it on purpose. >> and bill ayers, black liberation theology.
9:28 pm
jeremy wright. it's rooted in socialism. >> did bill ayers write his first book? >> i don't know. >> i think so. >> he was bragging he did a fundraiser for obama. when you read black rib liberation theology, it's rooted in the socialology. >> i would like to give him the benefit of the doubt and not say it's something that's covert. but let's see what happens. the bottom line, whether it is or it isn't, you need a change. you have to have a change or we are in big trouble. >> you talked about we must repeal obamacare. you said something else that was interesting in the book. you said we've lost track with the self re liens that was preached by our founding fathers. you said by global standards, poor people in america are rich. >> true. that is true. but you know the other thing i said, and i very strongly talked about it in the book and it's very rarely talked about during the debates, we are being destroyed from the outside in.
9:29 pm
we are making bad deals with the world. china is going to make $350 billion on us this year. countries like columbia, a small trader, going to make $4 billion. we don't make money with anybody. >> how do you implement what you are saying about china, for example? >> very simply. >> and not start a trade war? >> a trade war is okay. >> it is? >> it's wonderful. stupid people say we can't, china taxes us when we sell our products. china doesn't want caterpillar to send our tractors that are made in wherever they make them in this country. they want plants build in china ma. china taxings them to send them in. look at the crazy deal we just made with south korea where we open up, but they don't. who made these deals? here's the thing, shawn. we are no longer a rich country. we can't afford to make deals like this. in the past we used to make all the good deals. they were coming begging, every country. now they look at us as a bunch
9:30 pm
of patsies and every country makes money with us. >> moments after my sit down with trump, newt beginning arrived for a private meeting but the only cameras that were allowed inside the room prior to the face-to-face encounter were ours. take a look at this has been any exclusive. >> you are such a big figure. >> there's a good friendship there. >> he's a great guy and i've known him a long time. >> i am going to let you two have your meeting. >> i tried to convince him to do the apprentice presidency. >> i'm looking forward to the lincoln-style debate. >> i said he missed one invitation today." he should have invited barack obama to the debate he's going to be running. >> maybe we will use him as a moderator in the fall. >> i may pay to see donald trump moderate a debate against obama and gingrich, who knows. we are just getting started.
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>> former speaker of the house newt gingrich is now leading the pack in iowa. the only one more excited about that is another former speaker, nancy pelosi. she client told talking points memo that she has some damaging dirt on gingrich that could hurry his campaign. sea she said i know a lot about him. four of us locked in a room in an undisclosed location for a year, a thousand pages of his stuff. but for now she said she's keeping those alleged aces up her sleeve and she's going to save them until, quote, the time is right. meanwhile following herman cain's announcement over the weekend he's suspending his presidential campaign, there's conflicting reports when he
9:36 pm
might endorse another candidate. joining me now, co-author of the brand new children's book dubbs goes to washington -- >> and discovers the greatness of america. my mind, though, is still reeling from the idea of spending four days locked in a room with nancy pelosi. [laughter] >> we are going to get to that in a moment. let me first and about you. i have in the past, but left wing media is attacking you and they are out there saying that you can't take anything that dick morris says about any of the candidates because he's a paid consultant for them. we talked about this, either on my radio show or here, i don't remember where, once before. you said that is not true. >> not true at all. i'm not doing any political consulting within the united states. i do some foreign races. what i do do, i give free advice to everybody who will listen to me. >> who have you given free advice to. >> gingrich, romney, bachmann,
9:37 pm
cain, those four. and i drown them with advice. i'm constantly e-mailing them. and the other thing, the only time money passes hands, you may be surprised but i have a website, and i have hundreds of people who have signed up to get my e-mails. the candidates often pay my website to send a mail to them in the same sense they pay fox news to run an ad. >> have candidates said you don't do this or no? or you don't remember. >> cain has, bachmann has, romney has not. gingrich has i think. and i think ron paul has. >> but they have to buy themselves. >> yeah. >> separate from anything to do with that? >> right. >> let's start with gingrich and nancy pelosi. this is a huge violation of house ethics, rules, et cetera. he was exonerated for just about everything and the most serious
9:38 pm
charge was dismissed. it was a minor violation of the house rules in the end. what would this mean if she were to do this because i suspect she means it. >> yeah, sure but i think she's just trying to mess up gingrich's campaign. the left is trying to mess up each campaign. they assassinated herman cain, drove him out of the race. they went after perry, they went after bachmann, they went after some of the people before they announced and now they are going after gingrich. i don't think it's knee jerk. and i don't think any of that stuff is going to knock gingrich out. i think it's one thing when you have a candidate that nobody really knows who is sort of coming up. and then people wonder about him. but with gingrich or romney, people know them so well that nothing is going to knock these guys out. >> we are 28 days away, dick, from the iowa caucus. look at these numbers. you have the des moines register shows newt is ahead in iowa but i think everyone would acknowledge that probably romney has a better ground game. that will be helpful in a caucus state. new hampshire is very close.
9:39 pm
newt is up in south carolina and had huge poll numbers in florida. how do you assess the race as of this moment? >> well, i think that gingrich is going to come down a little bit because i think he's ridinga peak. but either of those guys could win. i want to say something, i think a lot of the cain votes may go to bachmann, and i think bachmann may have a strong second-place finish in iowa. >> which would propel her back in the race? >> yeah. >> and i saw one poll that showed about 75% would go to gingrich and or 30% would go to romney. >> i think when the debate starts and they go into that, i think people who were for cain who were sort of tea party types are going to be suspicious of romney because of romneycare, suspicious of gingrich because he's kind of the establishment of the party, and there will be a lot of interest in michelle. >> i don't think the establishment is actually behind gingrich. >> no, the accomplishment is
9:40 pm
more for romney, but as former speaker. let's analyze this race. if you feel the most important issue is the economy and job creation and so on, then you probably are going to want to go with romney because that's clearly his specialty. if you feel the most important issue is repealing the damage obama has done, obamacare, rolling back the social issues, cutting back government regulation, all of which is essential to the economy, you probably want to go with gingrich because that's something he's more experienced at. the other two factors that are wild cards out there are popularity and elect ability. the fox news poll had two pieces of information that are potentially dangerous for newt. one is they said who is the most likable of the candidates? this is when cain was still in. romney, 26. and cain 25, gingrich 9. then they said who do you think has the best chance of defeating
9:41 pm
obama? romney 37, gingrich 18. so in the current environment where obama is seen as way down and easily beatable, voters can kind of say i'll vote for either of them. if that general election race tightens up, it could move people toward romney. >> why then would people -- it's almost reversed in terms of who people would say they would vote for at this moment. why hasn't romney been able to breakthrough that 25 percentage point barrier? why? >> i think that he is a very known quantity. i think he has his solid base of support. that from economic conservatives and from the party establishment. >> he does a great job -- i think newt was done well and romney has done well. >> what i'm saying is as this race tootens in november, there will be a move toward romney. on the other hand, every time there's a debate, gingrich
9:42 pm
absolutely is amazing in a debate. i would pay a lot of money to see him debate obama. it's worth nominating him just to see that happen. we have two of the most intelligent, creative, articulate men who are running for president. it's fabulous. >> i'm with you. >> and then there's ron paul. >> look, there has been a thorough examination of all these candidates and i'm a little sick and tired. i don't want to hear about romneycare anymore, i don't want to hear about herman cain or rick perry's brain freeze, minnesota of this bothers me anymore because they are all better than obama, all of them. people watching this program will decide who the nominee is, and that's the person that everyone has to create a coalition around. and knowing that obama is going to throw the kitchen sink at them with a billion dollars. >> we all have to understand that both of these guys would be
9:43 pm
superb presidents. both of them would be fantastic. and i don't believe for a minute that romney would not repeal obamacare. i don't believe for a men that romney would not appoint true conservatives to the court. i don't believe for a minute that newt gingrich doesn't know how to create jobs or would be too draconian. >> i agree with you. >> i think these guys really or terrific and it's a great tribute. >> if only we did this in 2008 to obama, asked harder questions more frequently than obama was of asked. >> that's right. but a little bit is like roaches with the roach spray. they spray with the roach spray and the roaches that are immune survive. >> you are always creating trouble with that. >> and our candidate will have immunity from the roach spray. >> the process is healthy in the vetting that way. >> yeah. >> let not your heart be troubled. our great, great, great american panel, bob beckel is next.
9:44 pm
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9:48 pm
>> tonight on the great american panel, he's a usa columnist, the co-host of the fastest growing show on able, beckel is here. he's a former senator, currently running for that seat again, george lemieux is with us. he's an actor, whose latest film is now available on dvd, daniel baldwin. where are you politically? >> definitely with alex, but i hate you, too. [laughter] >> does that mean you are going to call me names? come on. i made a promise to steven that i wouldn't attack your niece anymore, and i stuck to my promise. he played peace maker. your brother still hates my guts, but i kept my end of the bargain. >> i wonder why some liberals might think you a bit after problem? it's whacky to me. >> what do you think of nancy
9:49 pm
pelosi holding out this bombshell on newt, which would be an ethics violation? >> one thing of newt, he has a lot of detractors going back, a lot of democrats and republicans. i think that's where this will come from. but i think he can ride through that. so far he's shown enough discipline about it and he said, yeah, i've made mistakes and i've grown. i've known newt gingrich longer than anybody has. i go back to '74. >> you think he's been extremely disciplined. >> and this is a guy who never had an unspoken thought in his life but now he's being more disciplined and i think he can beat romney and obama will beat either one of them like a drum. >> you are back to drinking. >> no, i'm not back to drinking. >> i didn't mean that personally. >> speaking of these two guys, they have something to say. >> i think gingrich is being very discipline. i think he brings a lot to the debate and i think there are different when there are problems in someone's past people already know about. if a problem comes out that's being re involved for the first
9:50 pm
type, and we've seen that with several of the candidates, it's a big shock. gingrich's warts are out there. people are impressed with how much he has brought to the debate. >> i'm praying to god that gingrich wins. i think he can beat romney. it will go back to jack kennedy being a roman catholic. they are never going to elect someone who is a mormon in this country, they won't elect them. >> i don't believe that. >> he is not going to get the nomination. gingrich will beat him. and gingrich is a ticking time bomb. let him open up his mouth a couple times about the poor. >> why is it okay for obama to hang out with an unre pet can't terrorist, bill ayers, but you want to go back and beat up newt gingrich. who is his big deficit, that welfare reform was effective? >> is there a record stuck in here? >> i was curious. >> i want an answer.
9:51 pm
i. >> i think gingrich will make comments he made recently about the poor not having people to look up to in their homes andenner city children not being able to look up because their parents don't work. >> he will make commence like americans are soft, and americans are ladies? >> why don't you address the issue. >> i am. you are addressing statements taken out of context. this president said we've gotten soft and lazy and we are bitter people that cling to god, guns and religion. was that a -- >> excuse me. can i ask the senator a question? is it me or -- >> no, it's not me. i studied this pretty carefully. the republican party has moved considerably to the right in the last 15, 20 years. the tea party have moved it from very reminiscent '64 with gold water where the activists took over the party. do you see that as a guess qualifying for romney and is the republican party of going to move back to a reasonable
9:52 pm
position? >> i don't think it's a disqualifier for romney. but any person who has watched this has to go to the right a dysfunctional government, more taxes, more bandaids, no regulars. job creators can't create jobs because of all the things coming out of washington. i think the american people look at washington, controlled by by a super majority of democrats now. >> name me one tax obama raised, one? >> cigarettes. >> he bought into that ridiculous bush tax. >> more of the great, great american tonal coming up. >> careful with that. >> you throw a football? >> right there. >> where do you want it, right in his nose? >> the stomach. >> oh, i like it. here's one story. my name is lacey calvert and i train professional athletes with yoga.
9:53 pm
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>> we continue with our great, great panel. i'm friends with your brother. what does he think about you getting rid of the christmas signs in the movie and replace it with happy holidays? >> i bring in a federal judge to challenge the right to put a nativity scene on government property and, of course, i win but later on the town embraces me. >> is the movie out now? >> it's out now, christmas with a capital c.
9:57 pm
it's a good christian story. >> you are christian? >> yes. >> and your brother christian is? >> yes, steven and i are both born again. >> steven is the one that made me promise not to be mean to your brother, alec. do you think it will be newt or romney, or will somebody else emerge. >>? i think it's one of the two of them. we only have four big contests to really decide it, iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and florida in january. >> you think we will know after the first four primaries who is going to win it? >> i don't see someone else winning another state or winning that are no the top two winning south carolina or iowa. i think if it's between the those two and they capture those two states between them. >> but they get to say to some of the other candidates, wait a minute, i have this many delegates, whatever. >> the problem is money drives people out of these races. their ego wants them to keep in
9:58 pm
but the treasurer comes in and says you are $2 million down. but let's assume romney wins new hampshire. he may come in third in iowa behind ron paul, but bush came in third and got the nomination. but gingrich is going to within south carolina and 1/2. but then after that you go all through the south. it's that super tuesday. and mitt romney doesn't get back north. >> michigan, right? >> yeah, michigan. so gingrich ought to be able to pile up some pretty good delegate totals. i'm with danny, i'm all for it. i think it's a good idea. but i do also think that we've all overlooked this mormon thing. i really think that is a problem. >> you do? why do you like obama so much? i'm not trying to get into a contentious fight with you. but what do you like about him? >> you make comments like $5 trillion in debt.
9:59 pm
what we aren't addressing is if i ask you as a contractor to build me a beautiful house and you go ahead and show me the blueprint and i say that's the one i want and you show up and there's a burnt out structure with all kinds of damage to the land before you can build the house, are you going to blame him for taking a lot longer of doing it? 8 years of george w. bush has to be cleaned up. >> for 7 of the 8 years we had lower unemployment under bush than the 60s, '70s, '80s and '90s. when are you going to stop blaming earthquakes, kiosks, tsunamis, bush? >> i won't blame any of those, just bush. >> and under bush the last four years you lost 5.7 million jobs. under obama $1.3 million. and after the stimulus, it gained. >> $5 billion poored down a sue we're and we got nothing for tank we got away from a depression. >> all right. we


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